The Cloud is
the future and
where we are
all heading to.
Smyth is leading
the way in taking
advantage of its
benefits now.

The “Cloud” is the internet and instead of buying software, installing and upgrading annually to your computer, Cloud software is easily accessed online.
You access this through your web browser.
Just login in securely from any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access and you are rolling! This allows easy access to your financials so you can make decisions quickly.
Cloud computing has so many benefits and is cost effective:
  • no upfront costs to purchase software
  • no more regular software upgrades and installations
  • check out your financial results at any time from anywhere in the world
  • you will see when you are making money and when things aren’t looking so good, this can be spotted early enough to mitigate any problems arising
  • Smyth can login too and keep you on the right track

Smyth can advise on what is the right Cloud package for you, set it up, provide some training and let you go for it or just take the burden away from you entirely. Whatever suits your needs.